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LOVELY Pre & Post Treatments

Degreasers, Primers, Amplifiers, Fixers and Removers

We will look at the LOVELY pre-treatment and post-treatment products, which are used before and after the eyelash extensions procedure.

All LOVELY products for eyelash extensions pass multi-stage quality control during the manufacturing process, and comply with EU standards and are registered in CPNP. In addition, all LOVELY products for eyelash extensions undergo comprehensive testing prior to the release of the products to the market. These products are used for various purposes. For example:

  • Degreasers, Primers and Removers are used for preparing natural eyelashes for extensions procedure.

  • Glue Amplifiers are used for reinforcing coupling strength of the glue.

  • Fixers are used for protecting eyelash extensions during wearing from external environmental factors.

  • Anti-Allergenic Gel is used for protection against allergic reaction.

Now, let's talk about each product detail.

LOVELY Degreasers

LOVELY Degreaser is used at the very first (initial) step of preparing natural eyelashes for extensions procedure. The purpose of Degreaser is to clean natural eyelashes from dust, sweat, salt, makeup remains, and other elements. This is the very first step that prepares natural eyelashes for extensions.

Degreasers are available in the bottles of 15 ml volume with mango, cherry, grapes, vanilla and aloe aromas. A Degreaser without aroma is also available for those clients who are sensitive to smells.

LOVELY Primers

Next (second) step is a Primer, that also prepares natural eyelashes for extensions procedure but in a different way. The purpose of the Primer is to additionally clean natural eyelashes to prepare for the extension procedure.

Primer includes nutritional components and those protect natural eyelashes from dryness, thinning, and it helps to retain moisture inside the eyelash. In this way, Primer helps to improve coupling between the natural and artificial eyelashes.

Primers are available in the bottles of 15 ml volume with banana, coconut, coffee and aloe aromas. A Primer without aroma is also available for those clients who are sensitive to smells.

Primer has an elongated bottle nose that prevents it from spilling, and at the same time ensures that the right amount of liquid is provided for the eyelash master.

It's important to note that Degreaser and Primer must be used together, as a first and a second step to prepare natural eyelashes for extensions. Because the composition of Degreaser contains a certain amount of alcohol that dries an eyelash a little bit. Primer, on the other hand, contains nutritious components, which strengthen and nourish an eyelash.

That is why, when used together (Degreaser + Primer) in the preparation process, they help to improve coupling strength between the natural and artificial eyelashes.

After applying Degreaser and Primer, an eyelash master begins the actual extensions procedure.

LOVELY Amplifiers

The Amplifier is a great helper in a situation when during the procedure the glue has stopped working for some reason. For example, because the door was opened, temperature or moisture conditions have changed on the salon. In this case, the Amplifier comes to the rescue.

Among its components, the Amplifier also includes an additional gluing component, which increases the coupling speed of the glue and polymerization. It is important to note that the Amplifier must be applied Only on the part of artificial eyelash that will be in contact with the glue.

The Amplifier is available in bottles of 15 ml volume with aroma of lime and strawberry.

Once the extensions procedure is completed, Fixers are used in order to protect eyelash extensions during wearing from adverse environmental factors.


The main purpose of the Fixer is to protect that coupling contact between artificial and natural eyelashes. Fixers are available in bottles of 10 ml volume, and available in different types: black, gentle and lacquered. Let's talk about each product details.

LOVELY Black Fixer has a tinting effect.

This fixer applies an additional thin protective black color layer. Because of that, the difference of color between artificial and natural eyelashes are almost not visible as natural eyelashes grow.

This Fixer is recommended for use when working with black eyelash extensions. When you use LOVELY black fixer, your eyelashes look more darker and sleek.

LOVELY Fixer "Gentle" applies a transparent coating layer on an eyelash extension protecting the coupling contact between artificial and natural eyelashes, additionally strengthening and nourishing the natural eyelashes.

LOVELY Fixer "Gentle" can be used for nourishing the natural eyelashes as well as for protecting and extending the wearing time of artificial eyelashes. LOVELY Fixer "Gentle" makes eyelashes look more sleek.

LOVELY Fixer Transparent Lacquered creates a protective layer for eyelashes, protecting the coupling contact from adverse environmental factors, such as dust and sweat.

LOVELY Fixer Transparent Lacquered is applied Only on the area where artificial eyelash contacts with the natural one. Otherwise, it can glue eyelashes together if applied on the entire eyelash. If this happened, and some eyelashes got glued together, use cotton make-up pads to remove the remains of the applied Fixer, then brush the eyelash from base to tip using a wet brush.

All LOVELY Fixers are used after the eyelash extensions procedure. However, LOVELY Fixers "Black" and "Gentle" can be easily used by customers at home. If a Fixer is used at home - it must be applied on the base of the eyelash two or three times a week before bedtime and left on for the night.

LOVELY Removers

In case if a customer came to the procedure wearing old eyelash extensions, the very first step in the pre-treatment process is to remove the old eyelash extensions. For this purpose, we have LOVELY Removers, which are used for removing eyelash extensions. There are three types of LOVELY Removers: liquid, cream, and gel. Let's talk about these products details.

Liquid Remover LOVELY:

The liquid Remover LOVELY is available in the bottles of 10 ml volume. It does not have any aroma, which is very important for those customers who are sensitive to aromas. Also, it's recommended to use it in a localized / targeted way - not for complete removal of all eyelash extensions.

Liquid Remover LOVELY is used ONLY in professional settings by eyelash masters and it's not recommended for home use. Also, liquid Remover LOVELY can be used by eyelash masters to remove glue from tweezers.

Cream Removers LOVELY:

The cream is applied on the base of eyelashes very finely. Due to its' consistency it does not spread out, and removes eyelash extensions very gently and delicately within 5-7 minutes.

Cream Remover LOVELY works in a very gentle and safe way. It's the safest Remover, but it also requires more time to remove eyelash extensions. It is an excellent option for beginner eyelash technicians, and allows you to remove eyelash extensions even with customer's open eyes. It's perfectly suitable for home use.

Cream Removers LOVELY are available with different aromas: blackberry, orange, lime, strawberry, caramel, honey. For customers who are very sensitive to aromas, we have an odorless cream Remover. Cream Removers LOVELY are available in 15 gr volume.

Also, there is a "Sensitive" Cream Remover LOVELY available in 5 gr volume. It's perfectly suitable for home use.

In addition, if you feel that a Cream Remover is a bit dry you may add a few drops of Liquid or Gel Remover LOVELY in order to bring consistency to desired state.

Gel Removers LOVELY:

Gel Removers LOVELY are available with the following aromas: strawberry, peach, lime and aloe. For those customers who are sensitive to aromas, we have an odorless gel Remover.

Gel Remover LOVELY has sufficiently dense consistency and it does not spread out when applied on eyelashes. It dissolves glue within 3-5 minutes very gently and delicately. Despite it's dense texture, Gel Remover LOVELY must be used Only when the customer's eyes are closed.

Such diversity of consistencies (liquid, gel, cream) allows an eyelash master to mix 3 types of Removers, which is very convenient.

LOVELY Anti-Allergenic Gel

LOVELY anti-allergenic gel is used to protect against allergy. It is available in plastic jars of 80 gr volume.

Anti-allergenic gel prevents allergic reactions during eyelash extension procedure. It's main feature is that it absorbs odors, fumes from the glue and it must be placed near the glue drop during eyelash extension procedure.

One jar of anti-allergenic gel will last for one year, so it is very economical.

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