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Why I Choose LOVELY?

Updated: Jan 2

Reason #1

LOVELY brand products that you can buy on, successfully passed the EU CE safety certification, that indicates strict conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products, due to the EU Commission, Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009🇪🇺:

  • After the product has been notified it gets a unique personal number which is recognized all over EU.

  • Each product is added to CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal) catalogue.

  • Adding products to the CPNP catalogue is a multi-stage, expensive and time-consuming procedure, that indicates conformity with quality standards.

  • Inline with the regulatory procedure each product undergoes testing according to 23 parameters in accredited European laboratory.

  • The procedure also requires that the work of all departments of the company should be analysed and checked, that’s why the whole process sometimes takes up to a year and a half.

Solid argument, isn’t it? And it’s only one of the reasons why I trust the LOVELY brand.

Reason #2

LOVELY eyelash extensions are available in two products lines: DELUXE and SILICON, they are made of high-quality fiber, light-weight, resilient, and at the same time are quite soft:


  • Deluxe eyelashes start narrowing from 2/3rds of it's length, that makes them look as natural as possible.

  • They are not too matt and not too glossy.

  • These eyelashes are light, soft and ideal for thin Slavic lashes.

  • ️Its easy to create fluffy extensions using them, and still they are going to look natural even with the large amount of volume.


  • Silicone eyelashes line are a real must-have for those who seek for richer black color and more volume.

  • Silicone eyelashes are saturated with black pigment up to the very end of the tip, glossy and elastic, ideal for Mediterranean beauties' eyelashes.

The combination of these two different types of eyelashes DELUXE and SILICON will help you to create an effect of depth and layering, or emphasize the eyeliner effect.

All LOVELY lashes are comfortable to apply and wear, and this is what makes every our customer satisfied

Reason #3

Here, I would like to share with you a little bit about my personal background and experience. I am an eyelash technician with over 8 years of work experience in the field.

When I've started working in Cyprus, I've discovered soon that my favorite glues that I have been using back in my home country, couldn't perform the same way as before, due to the local climate, high temperatures, humidity, the sun and the sea.

️Even though it was still easy to use and apply them, most of the glues I've tried couldn't give that desirable long-lasting effect for my clients in these new conditions.

That's why I've started searching for a new reliable eyelash glue. And it was a complicated task due to the fact that over the past few years I’ve got a not very pleasant “bonus” at my work - an allergy that was giving me a sore throat while working with most of the quick-drying eyelash extension adhesives.

My long search and experiments have finally paid off. I've found my personal favorite glue, and my sensitive sense of smell is the best witness to that!

LOVELY Victoria is my personal favorite glue in Cyprus. Now my clients wear their eyelash extensions for 4 week and more, AGAIN! Victoria, you are my Queen 👑👑👑!

Of course, every eyelash master eventually finds his/her own glue that best suits individual preferences. LOVELY offers wide range of glues designed for different types of environments. And I am confident that LOVELY glues can perfectly accommodate the needs of any eyelash master!

Reason #4

Based on my experience, many products in the market for precare and removing procedures do not have any aromas. However, tasty aromas is pleasant for you and your clients, contributing to creating an environment of relaxation and comfort during the procedure.

This is another reason I choose LOVELY. Their products for precare and removing procedures are not only of highest quality, but are also available with many different pleasant aromas. For example:

You can choose your favorite aroma, or surprise your customers with new aroma every time.

In case you or your customers are hyper-sensitive or allergic to any aromas, LOVELY has special products without aroma as well.

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